I am back in this space because of a mistake I just realized I made at work. By writing, I am hoping I can get it off my mind as I try to sleep.

I wrote about a company's financial performance and understated their sales yesterday. Not intentional of course. I merely copied the figures on the table provided to me. But I missed an important detail. The numbers should be expressed in millions and not thousands. 

Messaged a friend about my realization. I told her I want to cry and disappear. Added that I feel so incompetent because I should have realized the mistake while I was writing. But  I also told her I know crying would not make any difference.

She told me she would feel the same way if this happened to her. She said it was an honest mistake and I should not go down the hole of negativity. Rather than mope, she suggested I watch Twenty Five, Twenty One again and to inform my boss tomorrow morning of the mistake.

I can't watch a Kdrama at this hour.

But I will definitely tell my boss. I already had that in mind even before the advice came. It is not a good position to be in, especially in my line of work. But I am reminding myself I am human. I make mistakes just like everybody. And the way to move forward is to acknowledge it and learn from it. 

Posted by Louie on April 26, 2022 at 02:12 AM | Add a Comment
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