Riza told me before that liking the nice guy is difficult. If he is nice to everyone, it would be hard to tell if you're special or just like everyone else. 

I've been tiptoeing on the subject everytime I am asked about a guy I've met years ago, but only had the chance to really get to know quite recently because of work. It took time before I acknowledged I like him, as in like like, more than as a friend, and to tell our other friends. 

Last week, I learned he was seeing someone and he wants them to be official or exclusive by January next year. I would be lying to say I wasn't sad. I was crushed. Not that I think he feels the same way about me. But when you like someone, you always hope they would like you back.

Upon learning about his plan, I decided it would be best to just stay friendly but with a little distance. By distance I mean, not trying to use any excuse to talk to or spend time with him. That means if I have questions about work or anything else, I would have to figure out the answer myself or ask someone else. 

Just this weekend, I went on a trip with other friends and was told about the guy's past. He dated a guy who also happens to be a friend. I've always known him to be someone into girls. My feelings for him have not changed, despite the information. I am also telling myself the new information doesn't matter because the guy and I aren't dating. My plan is to stick with the status quo. To remain friendly but with a little distance. Not to act on my feelings and to try to stop thinking about him.

The plan is proving to be difficult to follow, however.

Earlier today, he called to offer to buy tickets to Coldplay's concert because he has access to Citi's pre-selling. I told him last week I was frustrated with Globe's pre-selling because I didn't get any tickets.

I told him not to buy for me anymore since he can only purchase tickets in the three most expensive sections. My High School friends and I are only willing to spend for tickets in the bottom three sections. I said I'll just wait for the general ticket selling for the public. He asked me if I was sure and advised me to go to the mall when I purchase my ticket instead of buying online. Ended the conversation by saying thanks. 

I was touched by the gesture. But I also told myself there is no point to attach any meaning to it. He is just being his usual nice self. He would have done that for others.

I really want to stick to the plan. But I'll be honest to admit the gesture just made me like him more. 

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